As Manning’s provides academic support in almost 100 schools schools and academies nationwide, we are constantly at the forefront of knowledge regarding the ever-changing syllabi and demands of the various exam boards.

To ensure we find London’s most enthusiastic and engaging tutors, Manning’s has a three stage interview process, with only 1 in 7 applicants gaining a position.

Learning should be enjoyable. Manning’s pupils look forward to their weekly tuition sessions, and learn far more as a result.

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Manning’s specialises in recruiting tutors who are either recently qualified, or still in further education to ensure all our tutors are familiar with the current syllabus and sympathetic to the educational pressures of today’s learners. This promotes a more up to date method of teaching and avoids any antiquated methods or styles being passed on to the student.



Unlike other agencies, Manning’s interviews and regularly meets up with its tutors, ensuring they are approachable, likeable and enthusiastic about their subject.


“Manning’s is certainly no tuition ‘platform’, more of a family of tutors!”
Hannah A


Traditionally tuition agencies provide a platform whereby self-employed tutors list themselves and wait for clients to select their services. Manning’s pro-actively seeks work for individual tutors, exclusively matching them by student needs and location ensuring that tutors are engaged by suitability, not just chance.


Tutors also benefit from belonging to a close-knit team. Private tuition can be a lonely business on your own; Manning’s provides constant support and involvement with each student taken on. Add to this the community of other tutors to share ideas and experiences with, as well as the regular tutor get-togethers and it becomes a far less isolated job.


Through our many years experience in private tuition, and following hundreds of conversations with parents, it has become clear that initially finding a tutor is not only incredibly difficult, but having faith in their quality and safety is also a major concern.


Manning’s set out to establish a reputation that parents can have faith in. All of our students are personally interviewed, referenced and DBS checked. We are proud to have frequently received repeat business within families, teaching younger siblings after having impressed the first time round, as well as a substantial amount of new students resulting from word of mouth recommendations.


In the unlikely event of any problems, issues can be resolved directly with Manning’s and a new tutor can be provided if a different approach or personality is required.


Teachers are under more pressure now than ever before. Manning’s offers a range of services to relieve that burden and ensure their pupils make progress at or above the expected level.


Manning’s currently provides tuition to pupils at schools and academies nationwide, boosting the knowledge that students gain in class, not attempting to replace traditional classroom learning. Our flexible approach means intervention strategies can be designed to match each individual school’s requirements. For more details, and for analysis of impact, please see our case studies.


We also offer marking services, exam invigilation & scribing, off-site education of excluded pupils and even an educational ski-trip. Please contact us if this support could help in your school.


Teachers are also frequently asked to recommend personal tutors, and the previous lack of any agency ensuring complete quality control means that this has always been a tricky referral to make with any confidence. Our aim is to support the learning direction already initiated in your school lessons and ensure pupils gain the confidence to engage in class and succeed in their exams.


I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you've given me and for making preparation for my exams fun! Without you I wouldn't have went into any of those exams as confident as I was and that'll definitely show in my grades, thank you so so much. Also, I'll be checking out the book you recommended soon because I've ordered it in the post.

Niamh – Student

Manning’s tutors have had an incredible impact on the progress that our students are making. The tutors are bright and engaging and show an ability to adapt their teaching methods to the individual students that they are working with. They come with my highest recommendation.

Amy Garne – Paddington Academy

To be honest, I really found it helpful! Especially the poems! Today I went into the exam and saw a new poem, did what you had taught me by writing the small points on the side and answered the question in full descriptive detail with explanations also! Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!

Syed – Year 11 English Tuition

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