Each school that we partner with has its own unique challenges. Manning’s flexible approach means we can design unique intervention strategies to suit each partner.


1-to-1 / Small Groups
Our tutors can assist individual pupils with any manner of classwork, coursework or revision. Group sizes can be selected and combined with particular students’ learning styles in mind. A course of 10 one-to-one sessions for your pupils costs only £300 and meets Ofsted’s key criteria for effective use of Pupil Premium funding: Carefully ringfenced, time-limited and targeted intervention for effectively selected pupils with measurable results.


There is consistent and strong evidence that … one-to-one tuition has an average impact of five additional months progress


The Education Endowment Foundation


Extra subjects or high achievers
Due to our selection of highly qualified tutors we are able to offer educational choices that it may not be possible to accommodate within the school. For example: foreign languages, STEP or preparation for university applications


Excluded pupils or pupils unable to attend school
Our tutors are able to provide full or part-time education for pupils unable to attend school for whatever reason. This may take place in the pupil’s home, or in a mutually acceptable location such as a library.


Other support
We also offer marking services, exam invigilation & scribing, off-site education of excluded pupils and even an educational ski-trip . Relieving teachers of these burdens means they can get back to doing what they do best: Teach!

Progress 8 

We are incredibly proud to have supported five schools from the top-thirty Progress 8 schools in the country. Pupils at these schools achieved an incredible 0.75-1.14 grades progress above expectations.


Harris Academy Battersea (Rank 4 in country)

Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich (Rank 8 in country)

Forest Gate Community School (Rank 14 in country)

Mossbourne Community Academy (Rank 21 in country)

Paddington Academy (Rank 30 in country)

For more information you can download our indepth PDF Case Study document here.