Flexible School Tutor Intervention Programmes – NTP Approved Partner

Over 12 years of experience supporting schools to re-engage students, build confidence & raise academic achievement. 

Why Schools Choose Manning’s Tutors

Hi, I’m Johnny, the founder of Manning’s, and we believe in working alongside schools and teachers to create unique intervention strategies that help students not only achieve but exceed their potential.  
We provide high-quality one-to-one and small-group tutoring that supports students with any manner of classwork, coursework and revision.  
Our friendly, experienced team of handpicked graduate tutors are not only seen as educators to students but as role models and mentors, too, helping to overcome a key barrier to learning for disadvantaged pupils. 
Our consistent quality is recognised not only by our membership of The Tutors’ Association (TTA) and the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) but also by consistently high teacher reviews. 
Together let’s make learning fun, build students’ confidence and raise academic achievement! 

Flexible, Experienced School Tutoring

We’ve always believed in a flexible approach that is customised to each school’s needs, and that’s never been more important than in the current climate. We deliver sessions in the school day, after school, or even through evenings and weekends, be it in-person or online. 

Our Services 

250 hand-picked, friendly, fully DBS certified qualified graduate tutors 

One-to-one & small group tutoring both in-school or online 

Classwork teaching, coursework help & revision

“Manning’s tutors have had an incredible impact on the progress that our students are making. The tutors are bright and engaging and show an ability to adapt their teaching methods to the individual student that they are working with. They come with my highest recommendation.”

Amy Garne – Paddington Academy

Supporting Excluded Students or Students Unable to Attend School

Our tutors are able to provide full or part-time education for pupils unable to attend school for whatever reason. This may take place in the pupil’s home, or in a mutually acceptable location such as a library

Extra Subjects or High Achievers

No need to compromise – here at Manning’s we pride ourselves on our diverse, 250 handpicked, highly qualified tutors who are not only able to support with your current curriculum but can offer a vast range of additional education choices to your students that may not be possible to accommodate within your current school curriculum. Including subjects like foreign languages, STEP, preparation for university/job applications and more!

More Than Just Tutoring Services 

Schools are under more pressure than ever before which is why we not only want to support students with their education, but also schools and teachers. Our trusted tutors are here to relieve the burden from marking services, exam invigilation and scribing so that your teachers can get back to doing what they do best: teach!

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me and for making preparation for my exams fun! Without you I wouldn’t have went into any of those exams as confident as I was and that’ll definitely show in my grades, thank you so so much.”

Niamh – Student

Get 50% subsidised tuition for your school

Between 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024, schools will be eligible to receive a 50% discount on Manning’s tuition for KS3 and KS4 students.
As well as KS5 as part of the 16-19 fund.